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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Prepare for more fuzzy math!

I have a great image of the Jein Excelsior that I used to estimate the decks based on the window rows. It doesn't exactly line up because I was attempting to account for perspective.

So, that gives me about 12 decks in the engineering hull. Using another great side-on image, I estimated a total of 26 decks in the ship, with the top of the saucer sensor dome being about a half-deck tall.

Using the 3.277 meter deck height figure (10 feet, 9 inches), we have here an Excelsior that is roughly 85 meters high and 528 meters long.

So what the hell does this mean? Well, to me it means Jein was aiming to make her a smaller scale than the ILM model, and was probably aiming for the official 467 meter range, but ended up making a slightly bigger ship.

As a refresher, using this same deck height, and using my previous screencap based window analysis, we end up with an ILM Excelsior with 35 decks that is roughly 114 meters tall and 709 meters long.

(By the way, a 467 meter long Excelsior would be about 75 meters tall and have about 23 decks.)

So here, it appears, are our choices, using the 3.277 meter deck height:
  1. ILM scale: 709 meters long, 114 meters tall, 35 decks
  2. Jein scale: 528 meters long, 85 meters tall, 26 decks
  3. Official scale: 467 meters long, 75 meters tall, 23 decks
In any case, we have to ignore the bridge module, or pretend it's round rather than eliptical at the larger scale, at least. And, the similarities between Jein scale and official scale may be such that we wish to pretend the Jein model is "actually" 467 meters.
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