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Re: TOS Caption Contest #276: Balance of Captions

Kirk (to Martine): So... what are you doing after the ceremony?

Kirk: So you're telling me we can only get the party size in Hawaiian?

Scott: Pineapple? Borgus frat!

Spock: You are not getting the chair back, Captain. Please do not make me press this button labelled "trap door".

Sulu (thinking): Uhura's really focused on her duties. I'm impressed. This cross-training program is working out really well. I think I'll recommend to the captain that she be promoted permanently to chief navigator.
Uhura (thinking): How the hell do I turn off this damn starfield screensaver?!?

Stiles: Sir, we're kind of busy here...
Spock: Just a couple more, lieutenant. What about 8 down: seven letters, "a flower whose name was derived from a word meaning 'tobacco'"...
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