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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

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It'll not become a classic but it is still a watchable movie.

Don't bet on it, it's every bit as good if not better than supposedly "classic": movies such as Omega Man, Soylent Green, Rollerball, Logan's Run, etc.
I'm not sure how you can label such mediocre movies as classic. They are neither wonderfully good or horribly bad to deserve the label "classic". Logans Run though was pretty bad, but not classically horribly bad.

As to the movie Oblivion, this is only the 2nd Tom Cruse movie I actually like. The other being A Few Good Men. This is a pretty good movie, nothing special, but certainly way above average and totally worth renting, if not owning. They use a lot of standard scifi movie props and ideas, and some not used in any kind of original way, but somehow the movie still ended up being very entertaining and worth watching more than once.
I said they were supposedly considered classics. I don't think they all are...and again Oblivion is considered to pattern itself out of some of those 70s scifi movies, which is why I brought it up in the first place.
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