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Re: Pike's "TV" in "The Cage"

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I've read that scene, but I can't for the life of me remember any costume description.
Its been 30 or so years since I read it, could it have been in TMOST? I haven't had a copy in years. IIRC the scene had Pike putting on his cap before he addressed the crew on the hangar deck.
It's not in The Making of Star Trek. TMoST reprints the June 29, 1964 Story Outline for "The Cage." As well-formed as this Story Outline was, it didn't include this planned scene. The scene in question appears in the First Draft script for "The Cage," dated September 8, 1964. You can find it in Allan Asherman's The Star Trek Companion. Oddly, it's in 1986's Second (Red), 1989's Third (Black), and 1993's Fourth (White) Editions of the book--on Page 11 in all three cases. But it's not in 1981's First (Blue) Edition of the book.

The germane script comment just before Captain April delivers a well-deserved dressing down to a prejudiced officer is:


"The WHINE of the ship's high-speed turbo-elevator, then the door snaps open and ROBERT APRIL, Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, steps out into scene and crosses toward the docking hatch. A crewman is standing by with the captain's uniform coat and hat, April donning them as he crosses toward the docking hatch."
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