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That would imply that there was something about 7 beside her body that was being groomed because otherwise the Queen is the Queen, and just d/l'd into a new body if something happens to the old one.
Maybe I'm just seeing too many possible cubbyholes. If Magnus is a member of the Collective, and if the Queen is a distillation of all the voices, could the Queen's personality be that of Erin Hansen? This would allow interpretation of Erin as the Queen, Magnus as the Queen's consort, and Annika/Seven as the offspring, tying in with the Queen's allusion of family.
I think you're reading too much into it. There were many families that got assimilated, so it's not just the Hansens. Besides, the Borg existed for centuries (millennia?) before the Hansen family came along. The Queen has always considered the Collective her "family" (the human word that best approximates what the Collective means to a Borg).
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