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Re: Continuity in star trek?

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When I first watched TNG reruns (no DVDs) I thought Cmder Riker was the same character as Captain Thadiun Okona because they kind of look similar. (As stupid as that sounds )
Well Billy Campbell who played Okana was the first pick to play Riker before being dropped because they considered him to be too soft.
That's interesting-- my first impression after that episode was that they were one and the same, which couldn't possible make any sense in the story.

Must have been the beard.

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Deela may have very well have had offspring with Kirk.
I've often wondered about this one. I wish it had been followed up on in a novel or something.
There's an interesting scene where Deela is nuzzling up to Kirk, they cut to another scene, and then when they return to them, Kirk is sitting on a bed pulling his boot up, and Deela is brushing her hair .
Yes, I know that scene well. I was wondering if she got pregnant due to that encounter.
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