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Re: 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon? Mommy porn outsells Potter and Twili

I read it last year, and it's a fairly 'PG-13' book anyway. Unless you find reading about a blowjob particularly "shocking."

I didn't bother with books 2 or 3, so I can't comment on what happens in those, but I don't understand the big deal about what occurs in it. There's one chapter where she's reading his guide to BDSM and she reads things like "anal beads" and "fisting" etc, and she goes "oh gosh." But none of that stuff ever actually happens. It's all just awfully written straight forward male-female sex. The rest was so boring I can hardly remember, I think there was some spanking at some point. oooh spanking! How shocking to read! Yeah maybe if you grew up in the 40s and 50s
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