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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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I want TNG and the rest of Trek to live on, not fall by the wayside because of aspect ratio.
I'm certain that this is how Gene Roddenberry would have felt, had he been confronted with the issue. He would have wanted his stories to be told and heard, regardless of how it's framed.

I wouldn't recommend watching a masterpiece like Citizen Kane other than in black & white and in 4:3 because that's the context of the time it was made in. Same applies for TOS and David Lynch's Twin Peaks (and not only to ensure that younger audiences are wondering whether Agent Cooper is using a cell phone or else when talking to this "Diane").

However, regarding TNG, I still marvel at the "timelessness" of the series which doesn't show its age (hair styles notwithstanding) and will probably continue to do so for the next decades.
It looks good in 4:3 and will also look good in 16:9. But for VFX scenes taking place in space I'd dare to say that any widescreen format will literally give you "more space".

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