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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

Interesting differences. Whereas Gene Roddenberry would be involved in the writing of every script for Star Trek's first season Mission: Impossible's creator Bruce Geller basically stayed away from the writing and prefered to be involved with the post production.

Fortunately Star Trek didn't have a problem with its series lead, Shatner, while over at Mission: Impossible Steven Hill became increasingly problematic to work with. Star Trek had a series' bible that layed things out for new writers, but Mission: Impossible apparently didn't have one, or if there was one no one saw it but Geller.

Mission: Impossible's cost overrun's make Star Trek's look like nothing in comparison and episodes could be late in delvery. Apparently CBS even kicked in some extra money during the season to help the show out and they'd still be behind.

Star Trek sounds like a model of effeciency compared to what was going on over on the lot next door with Mission: Impossible.
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