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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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The writes have gone out of their way to show us that Walt cares about Jesse -- in a twisted way, but "cares" for him nonetheless. So it isn't just something Hank has mistakenly perceived. It is real, at least according to what we have seen presented on screen.
Yes, we know that. Hank's not going to know that, he hasn't been watching the series with us. It's not the worst implausibility they've lapsed into, but it is one.
But Hank does know that. He stated that Walt cares for Jesse in the last episode. Hank has simply picked up on one of the show's truths, as depicted for us, the audience, and for Hank, the character.

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It's pretty obvious to anyone given the facts that Walt cares about Jesse. Walt did not need Jesse as an ally against Fring because before he hit those drug dealers with the car, Fring was not his enemy.
Fring knew Walt was a maniac. Heisenberg as a cog wasn't going to happen. Also, Walt's feelings are real, but mixed. He's never kept Jesse around just because.
He may not have kept Jesse around "just" because he liked him, but it has been shown quite plainly that Walt does care about what happens to Jesse. Now, if it comes down to Walt or Jesse, Jesse or his family, Walt will not choose Jesse. But if it comes to that, and he has to take Jesse out, I'd be willing to bet we'll see Walt react in a way that is consistent with Walt doing something he really didn't want to do.
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