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Re: The book you're waiting for...

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@ trevenian

Thanks a lot for your extensive reply to my question. It is always very sad to hear, when such great (fan) effort goes not only un-rewarded but outright ignored - and that after you had already made contact with the proper people. With that background I can understand, why you´re not very fond of "The Art of Star Trek" as published. OTOH it may be better that they didn´t use any of your material, since they probably wouldn´t have given proper credit and/or a share of the profits.

I agree with your take on the PHASE II book - I mostly own it for the pictures it contains


PS: Did you ever get your proposal-book back, or is it lost forever?
I sent color xeroxes ... I still have the original, though it is yellowing in spots! If my wife ever has the inclination, maybe I can put up a webpage as a writing sample (being careful not to infringe on anybody, I guess.)
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