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LOL. I read a very interesting article in Forbes today that talked about "entitled" fans and how the scream and squall about their favorite series/franchise and take to the internet and raise a huge fuss over every detail and how that has negatively effected shows/films. IMHO, this is a big part of why STID didn't do as well as it could have in the US market. Look, fanbois took to every forum in 2009 to wail about how bad the direction JJ and Co were taking the franchise and they kept it up for 3 years, berating any and all news of STID and then when the movie came out, they stepped it up even more. I would bet that many, many people who were interested in watching the movie were put off by all this negativity from the "entitled" fans. In essence all their ranting negated good word of mouth, which is what pulled the 2009 movie up so much. Another good example of this was Man of Steel.
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