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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Ah well. That's why it's news to me. I don't read "Supergirl" any more.

Oh dear.

The headline is a little tad bit sensationalist if you read what Williams actually says.
Thats complete BS. I've really enjoyed batwoman, so of course DC screws it up. Also, it sucks that DC wouldn't let them show Kate/Maggie marry. I mean, Marvel let Astonishing X-Men have a whole issue about Northstar marrying his fiance. I guess you could argue that Dc just plain hates marriage now (with how many they've broken up) but this seems like a stupid move made just to avoid pissing off the anti-gay marriage crowd, a group which Marvel apparently (and rightly) doesn't seem to care about (atleast from what I've seen). Well, if they're out at issue 26 I'll probably stop reading it too. If theDC doesn't cancel the book they'll probably just put a crappy writer who is completely under DC management's thumb on the book, and I have no desire to read that.
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