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Re: 5 reasons Into Darkness is a great Trek film

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
Just saw this in my Facebook news feed. It's nice to see something positive written about the movie after endless nonsense citing that bullshit 100-fans-from-15,000-comvention-goers poll from Las Vegas.
There's been plenty positive written about it, before and after.
I personally found the action and villains underwhelming and the resonance minimal.

Opus wrote: View Post
Me? I didn't like how the film handled the villains. Khan was underutilized as Kirk's foil, and Marcus was understated as a bad guy. By the time we realize just how much of an a-hole Marcus is, his head's getting squashed.
Strongly agree on the first but thought Marcus was (though underdeveloped) too much of a "moustache-twirler."

RAMA wrote: View Post
Just looking at the Rotten Tomatoes rating...STID finished 7th with an 87%. However, it terms of wide release movies, it finished 1st. There's something to be said in this day and age of a blockbuster action movie that can actually tick all the boxes of a good film and be noticed, when almost everyone out there wants to create a backlash against success
Have to disagree, it seem to me that many if not most financially successful films these days also get good reviews.
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