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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

The rumors are even older than that. I didn't mean to suggest that that wasn't what DWO were on about; probably it was. I just don't think there was ever any press conference planned, and that Ferre has no more evidence than people imagining an announcement was imminent.

There are, unfortunately, a lot of real things that could be at the root of the rumors without any actual return. There's Paul Vanezis' list for BBC Worldwide of 44 episodes that might still exist, which was apparently the same number of episodes found in one version of the rumor; the complete Hartnell interview, which might well be the seed from which grew the mention of "the full Hartnell" in the original Bleeding Cool report; the recreation of classic episodes, some missing, in the Gatiss docudrama; the animation of missing episodes; and various actual investigations that came to nothing, including the ones in which Vanezis was engaged in recent months, which prevented him issuing absolute denials of any activity. Maybe there's something more than that going on, but I'm still not expecting anything, and certainly not 90+ episodes, or even 17.
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