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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

I think all of the "future proofing" it needs is what it's getting a clearer, HD, format with some SFX tweaks. I mean why not "future proof" movies like Casablanca into a 16:9 picture? Sure you'll utterly destroy a masterpiece of a movie but, hey, future audiences won't have some pesky black-bars on their screen.

I would hope future audiences would will be smart enough to understand that when TNG (and other shows made before around 2000) was made 4:3 was the standard. Just like we know that be the case with older movies just like black and white, stop-motion special effects and every other technique that is outdated and quaint today.

I'm able to get my 10-year-old niece to watch TNG in 4:3 without any problems and she only asked me once why there were black bars on the sides, "Because that's just how shows were made back then." "Oh." and we watched on.

I hope future generations would be the same and rather see a 4:3 screen than seeing filming and lighting equipment on the edge of the scree for the sake of "filling the screen."

Why is this obsession here, by the way? Why not demand that ALL media be cropped and edited to 16:9? I mean most movies aren't filmed in that format leaving us with black bars on home media even on wide-screen TVs. Dammit! They should cop that shit up because future generations won't stand for some slightly annoying if you think about them too much black bars!
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