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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

@ Praetor

Sorry, I thought you were going for "ignorance is bliss". Yes, the last scene from ST VII with that 120 meter Oberth Class vessel was the one I had in mind.

Okay, here's what's on my mind regarding the exterior hull Starfleet markings:

The USS Grissom had its lateral name (BTW, what did it say on the actual model? "Starship" or "Scoutship"?!?) printed between these red stripes on the nacelles.

These would have looked definitely oversized in comparison to the CSC Enterprise if we were to assume Grissom was that big as in blssdwlf's size comparison below.
At a length of 120 meters these probably still looked believable as did the large registry letters on the engineering pod.

The USS Tsiolkovsky still had the name between the nacelle stripes, the USS Pegasus shown below no longer did (how about the others?).

Because of the airlock docking ring, the USS Pegasus now looks like a ship with an overall length of at least 220 meters.

But upon closer examination it's not only the airlock / docking ring of the Pegasus that matches the CSC Enterprise but also
  • the size of the Starfleet insignia (close match)
  • the red stripes on the engineering hull (close to perfect match)

I'd dare to say that together these three exterior hull features are very good evidence to help in fixing a palatable standard size for the Oberth Class ships featured in TNG.

Of course, the Grissom and her cousins are still a different story, IMHO, and not only because the name on the nacelles might look too big.

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