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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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in all fairness they're talking about a fictional tribe, one tribe, not every native american. who didn't have forehead ridges either

the way I saw it, the aliens came and saw a species in a certain state of evolution and sped it up, that doesn't mean that speach and technology wouldn't have evolved anyway, they just came at the point before that.

star trek says we all came from aliens, I think that's pretty cool actually
What I bolded, that's the problem.

I'm a Homo sapiens, just like you.

We are not separate species.
nobody is saying we're separate species, and nobody is referring to you, it's a fictional tribe

and sorry, but I still don't see why aliens speeding up the evolution is a problem. If they hadn't come around they would have evolved anyway. They just made it happen faster
I added to my points above.

My views on this episode are pretty consistent with those of other Native Americans. Given that we're not represented as anything but stereotypes in most film & TV, we truly hoped for better from Star Trek. We were disappointed.
Akoochimoya, my indigenous ass.

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