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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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and sorry, but how is being descended from aliens insulting? I don't like that episode either, but I don't get why being descended from aliens is insulting
First Europeans, then the US Government used the belief that American Indians were not fully human as justification for genocide.

"Tattoo" posits that American Indians lacked speech (unlike other humans) and needed additional alien DNA in order to surivive and thrive.

In other words, we were the stupid humans. Too stupid to develop language without an injection of additional alien DNA.

ETA: This isn't even taking into account the idiocy of finding a tribe of RFA Indians in the Central American rainforest.

Don't see any other humans in Star Trek sporting forehead ridges...
in all fairness they're talking about a fictional tribe, one tribe, not every native american. who didn't have forehead ridges either

the way I saw it, the aliens came and saw a species in a certain state of evolution and sped it up, that doesn't mean that speach and technology wouldn't have evolved anyway, they just came at the point before that.

star trek says we all came from aliens, I think that's pretty cool actually
What I bolded, that's the problem.

I'm a Homo sapiens, just like you.

We are not separate species.

They were also pretty vague about whether it was just Chakotay's tribe or all Native Americans (since they were showing 'em on the migration from Asia, and the history the alien provided was consistent with it being all of us).

Just the fact that they had to make up a freaking tribe was ridiculous. Janeway can be Irish. That's a good thing to be.

But Chakotay couldn't be from any existing tribe. No, that would be insulting, according to Jeri Taylor.

Insulting to whom? White people? Indians? Who exactly would be offended if Chakotay was a Mohawk or a Navajo or a Mayan?
Akoochimoya, my indigenous ass.
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