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Re: Where are the toys?

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The Kre-o toys seem to be the only Into Darkness tie ins. I'd love to see more too.

They made the kre-o toys which aren't selling well at all and a few hot wheels ships that did sell very well. Mattel canceled the Star Trek line though so there will be no more Hot Wheels Star Trek ships.
Kreo's not selling well? where did you get that info? Granted, they aren't being carried at Wal-mart or anything, but my Local TRU, (in Kentucky of all places) would sell out of trek Kre-o's within days of them being on the shelf. the Employee I talked to there said alot of people would ask for them, some calling them "star trek lego's". I hear they are fairly popular on Amazon. I was under the Impression that the Kre-o sets and the Hot Wheels Ships sold quite well. (for trek stuff). perhaps I was wrong.
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