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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
To me it looks like our interpretation of "canon" is incompatible.

The way I see it "canon" is foremost "first comes, first serves", also to ensure respect for the intentions of the original creators. I think we all owe them that much, at least.
That's totally your own thing, but it really has no bearing at all to what canon actually is.
It seems that according to your interpretation of "canon" what is said last and alters, revises or overwrites previous canon is the neo-canon.
No, canon is always what is currently official material. That was true back in 1966.

Thus neo-canon prospers at the expense of previous canon and therefore has a somewhat ungrateful and parasitical nature, IMHO.
That's a purist viewpoint, and a rather extreme one at that. It calls for the rejection of official material that doesn't meet a personal preference or belief.
Most assuredly you're not alone as I can immediately think of 4-5 other BBS members that interpret "canon" the way you do.
The way canon actually is. And we're probably among millions that do.
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