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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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Agreed, he was extremely short sighted. Had he played ball even just to the point of stroking a few network egos, his other transgressions might have gone down a little easier. Instead, he played the blame game. I hear you, the next two volumes can't come out fast enough. So much interesting stuff here, even that which was already known.
Based on this book, the Solow/Justman book, and a couple of other sources, GR seems to have had a pronounced antagonistic side, and was also quick to blame others for what he perceived as their shortcomings.

Just look at his attitude towards NBC. Remember, in regards to Star Trek, NBC was Desilu's customer... and by extension, GR's customer as well. Business people who antagonize their customers tend to not stay in business for long.

This attitude culminated in Paramount sweeping him aside after ST:TMP. Even during TNG--produced without having to deal with a network--many members of the original production and writing teams had left before Season 3. The difference here is that, with GR's failing health, there was a gradual transition in power to the Berman/Piller leadership. With GR less and less involved in production matters, his personality shortcomings became much less of a factor.
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