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Re: Was TNG more Arc-Based Than We Thought?

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Absolutely, I think the point SFX were trying to make (more eloquently than I lol).] is that TNG didn't have 'negative continuity'. It didn't go out of its way to string along elaborate story arcs, but neither did it isolate episodes into pocket universes. Events in an episode could (and often did) get mentioned again later down the track.
Exactly. This is the kind of TV I like best; you can easily dip in and out of it, making rewatching a random episode perenially enjoyable but it also rewards sequential viewing. TNG did it very well.

Full on intensive serials may be more immersive in marathons, but I never feel like rewatching them again.

Something like Buffy, where each season has fairly robust internal storyline, but the seasons are more loosely related to each other is a reasonable compromise. But I do find the TNG formula of "layering" characters lives the most satisfying, personally.

Also, and this is more controversial, I happen to think it's the most realistic model in some ways; our own lives & identities tend to build syncretically in this episodic fashion rather than in grand, overarching dramatic arc. For most of us, life is more of a punctuated series of key events that define us with periods of relative stability in between.
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