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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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The model was featured to be 120 meters long in one of the most beautiful Star Trek VFX scenes I could possibly think of.
Which scene was that?
Never mind, it appears you are on a blue pill diet at the moment so I will leave it at that.
At the time I honestly couldn't think of a scene in which the size could be firmly extrapolated... unless your referring to the closing scene in "Generations"?

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Thanks for the reminder. You illustrated a deck layout in one of the earlier posts but you assumed a rather high deck height which mustn't necessarily be the case here, IIRC.
True, but since redressed Enterprise refit bridge and redressed Enterprise-D corridors were used to represent two Oberth ships, we should conclude similar deck heights. If I find time, I'll revisit it, but Reverend's probably got it right at the size he pegged it at.

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Agreed. I assume you would have loved to see such an airlock / docking ring on the Excelsior to help dertermine its "actual" size? I'm still excited that we have this feature for the TNG Oberth Class, at least.
I would - and I understand your excitement - it's just that I think there's enough evidence to think that the decal was added later, on TNG, so we don't know that it represents original size intent.
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