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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 80; The woes of Miles Edward O'Brien

Thanks for the win

Evek: I've always been fascinated by human intercourse.
Keiko: You can forget it! I will never let a Cardassian lie with me!
Evek: What makes you think I meant you?
O'Brien: (thinking) Bollocks.

O'Brien: Molly, go back to your room! Your mother and I are playing our special game.

O'Brien getting through one month without suffering any woes was reason for didn't happen very often though.

Bashir: --and then she was like, 'yeah, yeah, right there! Mmmm yeah baby, just like that!'
O'Brien: Julian! I know I asked for all the details, but that's a little too much.
Bashir: Sorry Miles. I thought with you being married you might like the 'blow by blow'.
O'Brien: (thinking) Smug bastard...he's right though.
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