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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

@ Trekker4747

If you ask for "TV Transmitted" than this is exactly what you get.
The director didn't screw up, he simply and faithfully relied on a TV sets' overscan to trim the redundant areas on all four edges of the image.
As far as I can tell "Sins of the Father" is the only TNG episode on Blu-ray which respects what the director intended and expected audiences to see (because the overscan effect was taken into consideration).

@ Hober Mallow

Star Trek is the Art of Entertainment and not the Art of Cinematography.
You had renowned TV directors and a lot of first-timers but this can't possibly compare to acclaimed theatrical directors like Awesome Wells, Michael Curtiz, Stanley Kubrick and others where careful and subtle picture composition was truly a form of art (for which the TNG directors simply did not have the time).
And frankly I'm really getting tired of the Mona Lisa comparisons, it's really not appropriate to compare the accomplishments of Leonardo Da Vinci with what is essentially a TV show, IMHO. (though I do love TNG).

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