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Re: Post TMP 5 Year Mission

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^Oh, I didn't mean to say you should skip them. They're still worth reading, especially the Duane books. Just don't expect all the books to fit together, is all. If you want to read in sequence, maybe do one read-through of the '80s-continuity books in the period followed by a read-through of the modern-continuity books. Although there are some books that could go either way.
I may get them later, but I still remember them fairly well from when I first read them. I was reading some of the reviews and the little excerpt on Amazon for your Ex Machina and it looks fantastic so I believe I will start with that.

Titan and I seem to have gone in divergent directions over the past few years.
Really sad to hear that.

Your two Titan books are my favorites of the entire series.
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