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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Except that the creator of the Enterprise, Walter Matt Jefferies, stated in the early 2000's in books and interviews (BBC-online) the same as in his original pre-production sketch with the text annotations: That the TOS Enterprise was "the first bird" and the "first in the [17th] series".
Not even later TOS adhered to this system, much less the films and the sequels. So as much as you personally adhere to it, it's invalid as far as the actual show is concerned.

As the courteous gentleman he was, I'm confident he didn't want to offend anyone believing in "Constitution Class". Therefore he just stated as it was, leaving it to us to draw the proper conclusions from it - or not.
So you can think for Jefferies as well?

The Making of Star Trek established the original NCC-1701 to be an "Enterprise-class starship". Since this is the account of Bob Justman and Gene Roddenberry/Stephen Whitfield, the TOS producers and creators, it can't get any more "official" than that, IMO.
No, what is established on screen always takes precedence over what was written in a book. Even the current franchise-holders adhere to that.

Bottom line: My ongoing problem with retroactive continuity is that it doesn't mind "putting words into people's mouths" which these individuals never said or intended (e.g. Matt Jefferies).
Well, I'm sorry but that's too bad, because like C.E. Evans said, Star Trek isn't just the property of one guy.

I think it's fair to assume that nobody reading this would like to have something like that happening to him and her, but when that happens to others it's okay because its an acceptable sacrifice for the Holy Cow G.U.T.?
You're being overly dramatic. These people were being paid to make a TV show in the '60's. I seriously doubt that they (including Jefferies) took this shit anywhere near as seriously as you are.

If something needs to be rationalized it's the flaws of retroactive continuity that contradict earlier canon whereever this is possible, which in this case I think it is:

Starships like the Enterprise beginning with a "16" belong to the Constitution Starship Class, those beginning with a "17" to the Enterprise Starship Class. The refit NCC-1701 is ESC, NCC-1701-A is CSC.

Simple, elegant and easy to understand because it answers most of the questions, IMO.
And as I said to you before, if it helps you sleep at night to believe this, then good for you. Just don't expect others to think the same way.

To me it looks like our interpretation of "canon" is incompatible.

The way I see it "canon" is foremost "first comes, first serves", also to ensure respect for the intentions of the original creators. I think we all owe them that much, at least.

It seems that according to your interpretation of "canon" what is said last and alters, revises or overwrites previous canon is the neo-canon. Thus neo-canon prospers at the expense of previous canon and therefore has a somewhat ungrateful and parasitical nature, IMHO.

Most assuredly you're not alone as I can immediately think of 4-5 other BBS members that interpret "canon" the way you do.

But it's Star Trek and IDIC, so we can agree to disagree.
Canon is, and has always been, whatever the person currently in charge of the franchise says it is (or isn't). What anyone personally thinks is meaningless as far as that is concerned.
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”
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