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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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The problem isn't so much the possibility of someone being more powerful than the borg
I think it is. Trek fans had gotten this idea in their minds that the Borg were some Universal Super-Threat, and as such the idea of there being any one race out there that could fight them on their own level was unforgivable to them.

That it was VOY, a series folks were already out to hate to begin with, that did this just added fuel to the fire.

but rather what does it do to their status as villains if we go and write a story where something Bigger and Badder casually blows them away. (then Voyager goes and develops the weapon to kill the bigger and badder).
I suppose if they'd had Q give them the weaponry, or they found some ancient alien tech on some old world, you'd like that more?

She isn't representing the Borg, not in the way you suggest.
She and Q served the same plot purpose, to explain the Borg and their history and motives to the characters and the audience.

So I feel comfortable saying that the fact that their might be superior powers (and all your examples are debatable), that the Federation should not solely base their threat assessment of Borg solely on how they rank among the galaxy's power, but also based on what they intend to do and how they conduct themselves
I'm saying the fandom shouldn't react so negatively to the idea of there being at least even ONE species out there that can fight the Borg, because it's ridiculous to think that the Borg are Galactic Threat No.1.
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