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Re: Wolverine & The X-Men (cartoon)

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I've seen bits and pieces of an anime that features Wolverine and some of the X-Men, but I don't know the name or anything else.
There's one 12-episode series called Wolverine Anime and one called X-Men Anime, parts of a larger project called Marvel Anime, which also includes Iron Man and Blade series -- although technically none of their onscreen titles actually includes the "Anime" part. There's also a DVD movie called Iron Man: Rise of Technovore. They're collaborations of Marvel and the Japanese studio Madhouse, written and directed by Japanese creators but with Warren Ellis overseeing the stories. The English dub of X-Men Anime reuses a few Wolverine and the X-Men cast members including Steve Blum as Wolverine, Fred Tatasciore as Beast, and Jennifer Hale as Jean. Although Milo Ventimiglia plays Wolverine in his solo series and in the Iron Man and Blade series (of course he's in all of them). The dub of the Iron Man series (though not the movie) features the debut of Adrian Pasdar as Tony Stark, a role he's reprised in the current Disney XD Marvel animated universe.

I'm halfway through X-Men Anime on Netflix (each series is on two DVDs), but I haven't seen the others yet. It's not bad for the most part, although in a way it feels like a rehash of Wolverine and the X-Men -- it opens with Jean's apparent death, then picks up months later with the team reassembling and Scott being all bitter and angry, and then Emma Frost shows up and gradually earns the team's trust. And the way they handle Storm is ridiculous. She uses her powers effectively only when it doesn't matter to the story; whenever the team goes into action, she becomes much weaker in ways that contradict what we saw earlier. First we see her effortlessly freeze a boatload of pirates while on a tropical cruise; later we see her get winded from creating a smaller wall of ice in winter conditions where it should be far easier. In a quiet scene at the mansion, she makes a light snowfall become a blizzard and then makes it go away entirely, but later on the X-Men are trudging through a blizzard and she doesn't do a damn thing. Essentially the only consistent superpower they give Storm is the ability to make her clothing cling impossibly closely to her breasts.
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