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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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Season 2 is without doubt the best Voyager season and the best season of all Star Trek series.

Most of the episodes are excellent, the only episodes that isn't that good is "Threshold" and it is at least funny to watch if you imagine it as a nightmare Janeway had after eating too much of Neelix's food.

My favorite episodes are "Cold Fire", Persistence of Vision" and "Alliances".
Well, I think that's the first time I've ever heard that. Even from most who say Voyager is their favorite series. But whatever makes you happy.
yep I'll agree there, Voyager is my favorite and I'm always trying to defend it, but I definately think that season 1 and 2 were not the best. They have a few good episodes, but mostly the seasons were weak. Voyager didn't really hit it's stride until season 4

Cold Fire... just struck me as unfulfilling... how they handled that plot point from Caretaker about a possible way home. Of course we know the answer to "Will they get home?" is always "No!" but it was disappointing how they handled Suspheria. Though Tanis saying "When Voyager appears, people fear death and destruction." was funny. I wish they would've left this encounter more open ended, especially since Suspheria apparently existed only in thought or something. It would've been neat if Kes had somehow kept her powers instead of the reset button being pushed there with her.
I didn't really like that they found her so quick. They talked a lot about the female caretaker and I think tey should have given it a few more seasons, possibly even made it the series finale. And then she's a little girl with the voice of an 80 year old woman who smokes 5 packs a day. Really dissapointing. I found myself hoping that Kes would go with them and stay with Susperia

Persistence of Vision... I'd call that a fairly average episode. I really can't find much fault in it, though the Janeway British holonovel gets tiresome. I can't believe that was one of the first mini-arcs in Voyager. Other than that, the standard Jeri Taylor Janeway centered script. Though the shrinking doctor was funny.
Loved shrinking doc, and I kind of liked the novel. I was always wondering more about that story, was the girl seeing her mother, was the mother still alive. Though I think the holo novel was more interesting than this whole episode. It was kind of fun to see some peole's fantasies, like B'elanna wanting to have sex with Chuckles. I hated the ending though, ear shattering kes screaches and an alien who gives no reason for messing with the crew.

Alliances? I liked this episode right up until the ending. One of the few episodes that went out of it's way to highlight the differences between the Maquis and Federation crews. Janeway's reaction to negotiating with Culluh, while definitely not endearing, was kinda funny. Sure she shouldn't have to put up with his crap like that, but it was clear she was just looking for any excuse for that alliance to fail. Distasteful as it may have been, Janeway really would've been better off if she let the Trabe kill off the Kazon leadership. But Janeway's willing to sacrifice everyone before turning any part of her ship over to the enemy, and we get the pat ending of Janeway pontificating how they should stick true to Federation values no matter what, and never ally themselves with the bad guy. Which is funny when
I'm just not a fan of any Kazon episode really

and in regards to one of your spoilers....

she didn't give the hirogen the holotech to get them to stop attacking. They had already had a truce and the hirogen were already leaving. The hirogen had already picked apart all of voyager's systems and had a good idea of the workings of the holodeck. She gave them that tech to honor the hirogen leader that was killed.
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