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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Part 2 of that Roundtable talk.

In "defense" of Leanne... I don't see her as evangelical, nor was she the one who was "anti-wizards". That chauvinist was the taller brunette that acted as the lookout when Doggett tried to shiv Piper in the shower.

I see Leanne as the poor meth addict version of Piper, who falls for (in a platonic sense) the older, more "worldly" prison star version of Alex. A woman who gets fan mail and visits from high powered, good looking attorneys whenever she's in need, someone who's actions enabled her to care for her parents back home with a "monthly stipend". Someone who can rally people to herself not with her maternal ways like Red or even Miss Claudette, but with her sermonizing and her self confidence.

I find it interesting that when Piper got out of the SHU, she went straight to Alex. pulling her away to have sex in the chapel... and yet when Tiffany got out of Psyche, she was met by Leanne who embraced her/comforted her in the middle of the cafeteria full of people. That same cafeteria where just a week before, Tiffany was appalled to be (French) kissed by Alex.

Despite being pulled into the orbit of the more powerful Tiffany, I think the way that Leanne can admit in the baptism scene, that she has "questions" about her faith in front of Doggett, makes her stronger than Piper was 10 years ago in her early days with Alex.

Still, both women are trapped by their relationships and both get caught up doing things they normally wouldn't do for the women they "love".

Piper carried 50,000 in drug money for Alex, and Leanne followed shiv carrying Tiffany into that shower stall to confront Piper.

Nothing Leanne has done, smacks of "evangelical" to me. She's just a fan girl who has a need that Tiffany fills.
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