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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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The model was featured to be 120 meters long in one of the most beautiful Star Trek VFX scenes I could possibly think of.
Which scene was that?
Never mind, it appears you are on a blue pill diet at the moment so I will leave it at that.

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Well, if that original scale diagram was accurate, then indeed it is 120 meters... but I'm thinking he intended both to be larger, hence the rows of windows on the Oberth saucer that don't line up with the established decks of a 120 meter ship.
Thanks for the reminder. You illustrated a deck layout in one of the earlier posts but you assumed a rather high deck height which mustn't necessarily be the case here, IIRC.

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It seems plausible that the model team might have tried to force the issue by including the scale dock as visusal "proof" that the ship was larger.
Agreed. I assume you would have loved to see such an airlock / docking ring on the Excelsior to help dertermine its "actual" size? I'm still excited that we have this feature for the TNG Oberth Class, at least.

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Here I'm rather confident that the large NCC registry on the engineering pod of Grissom and Copernicus indicates a smaller size.
The size of the lettering itself?
Yes. I think this becomes obvious when you look at Tsiolkovsky's erroneous "Kirk Era" registry on the pod (NCC-640) compared to the smaller and longer TNG and DS9 five-digit registries.

And then there's the Starfleet penannt on the nacelles. Compared to the average size on other Federation ships it looks rather oversized and overblown for a vessel vastly exceeding 120 meters in size, doesn't it?

@ King Daniel

The moment you mentioned DS9 I thought to remember the same thing. But according to the archives I was unable to locate any evidence. As for myself I might have been thinking of the Sydney Class (e.g. USS Jenolan) docked at DS9. Probably Bernd, Timo and the others would have noticed and mentioned it in their size examination treatise (which could definitely require an update after the airlock / docking ring of the Pegasus has been revealed, IMHO).

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