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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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If the Borg were a VOY-exclusive enemy, and BOBW had been a VOY episode, no one would like it. Not a single person. And everyone would think the "Sleep" thing was the dumbest thing ever.

Also, if VOY ever used a Solar Flare to destroy a Borg ship like TNG did, no one would've liked that either and they'd all be whining over how the Borg should be able to survive that.
That's a good point, Anwar - in TNG, the borg cubes were defeated by tricks no less forced than in Voy.

People tend criticize the elements of a movie/show based on how much they like the movie/show overall.
For example, few are critical of 'the wrath of khan', despite huge plot holes, quite stupid superhuman and experienced starfleet captain, casual mind control, etc.
With Voy, on the other hand - criticism galore.

As for the borg - the dominion:
The federation alliance dealt with only an expeditionary force, but this consisted of thousands of ships - a substantial fraction of the entire dominion might. NOT with only a dominion ship - consider how easily dispatched by starfleet such a ship would have been.

But starfleet ever only dealt with one cube (or something around that level of strength). NOT with a few hundred thousand cubes - which would be the equivalent to the dominion expeditionary force. Considering how much trouble it had with one cube - and the insignificantly small victories starfleet achieved, by comparison with the borg's numbers - the borg retain their status as the stronger foe.
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