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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

There is a rainbow of lines.






You could only argue for the basic sentient rights for AI above a particular level of sophistication, so it's ookey dokey to keep holoslaves if they're idiots below that level of sophistication, so why not only make holograms below that level of sophistication and forbid any of the so called already "real" photonic people the right to procreate? (That's rhetorical for fucks sake. We all know what happens when you tell someone that they are forbidden to have children.)

Why build sentient holograms if they won't work like a slave?

Imagine if they ONLY built and sold new cars that could not go faster that 35 mph.

They could fire half the police force that is only there to catch idiots who speed.

Alternatively imagine that your speedometer was connected to your bank account and deducted fines for speeding immediately as you did them, and really efficient citizens could get discounts for prepaying for all speeding they knew they wanted to do for the next month ahead of time.

The government needs us to speed other wise they lose out on a very profitable revenue stream, and it's not like we're all just going to learn to obey the law one day, because if we did our local governments would file for bankruptcy a month later.


Zimmerman claimed that his LMH was going to be stock piled with scenarios to play out with the crew based on Bashir's life which would keep them from going space crazy... 1st there's a limited number of scenarios in his factory settings that were preloaded, just like any video game, and second if the ship is divided into class strata's where many of the crew do not talk to one another, an LMH or EMH could repeat the same entertaining scenario to different samplings of the crew...

If this was true... Then Zimmerman or someone on his staff wrote Photons be free, the doctors novel, and programmed him to eventually go through the process of thinking that he wrote it, and so would have every other EMH on every other Star Ship, because the hole hololiberation movement was just a diversion to quell space madness and shouldn't have been taken seriously by anyone.

Also that means that the publishers were fake playing out their own part in the script.

However, I doubt anyone told that Admiral that his time was being wasted being asked to adjudicate over this lark.
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