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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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What excessive overhead and bottom space are you referring to? The show was composed for that aspect ratio. No space is wasted.
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If CBS-D were to create 16x9 versions, it wouldn't look any better than zooming it yourself. Heads would be chopped off, the saucer of the Enterprise would be chopped off, etc.
You're both right -- that the show was composed for 4:3 and that VFX would be problematic in 16:9... but here are two examples I put together that I thought might be visually helpful which utilize the Full Camera Aperture that we were fortunately shown in the gag reels, so that we can all see, in motion, where 1.33 and 1.78 would fall over the original film image. (I know that I have done this kind of thing to death in still form, so I apologize in advance to those who have had it up to here, but bear with me ). This also might help the OP if he's still around.

The first video is how the show was framed in 1.33:1 TV Transmitted Area with Action Safe protection for old cathode ray tubes (which is what Robert seems so insistent on). The larger TV Trans area is how the show appears on Blu-ray, which, according to Panavision, is actually the SMPTE recommended practice... and here in fact I've used Panavision's frame leader chart for the markings, so you can get a pretty good idea of what the camera operator was seeing in his ground glass.

Now the second video is patterned after the 16:9 example of footage from "The Naked Now" that is seen in the Energized! doc on the Season One blu-ray set and as you can see it is slightly wider than TV Trans area, which in fact causes a white bounce board to be visible in the frame at 3:44. That's the kind of thing (production equipment) that would have to be erased over and over ad infinitum if they had chosen 16:9.

Both videos are in 720p, so feel free to chose that resolution and hit full screen:

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