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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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As fas as I know, the discovery of Khan and the bit with Spock and Kirk in the engine core are the only portions of the story that are similar in any way. There's nothing else in the story that's lifted from any other Trek story.
This is almost a parody post.
Then by all means, list all the things that are lifted from other movies or episodes.

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You were the one who challenged my comment in the first place so surely it's you that has to put in the effort to prove me wrong? Not just say I'm wrong by saying its about a younger Kirk and Spock etc.
First, could you please learn to use the quote function properly so the name of the person you are replying to appears with the link to the original post ? It's very difficult to spot posts replying to me, the way you're doing it.

Second, you're the one who is making a positive claim. Proving a negative is almost impossible, which is why the burden of proof in court is on the prosecution, same in science where it's on the person trying to overthrow existing theories, etc.. I am challenging you to support your claim.

Wow, So as far as you know SECTION 31 has never been mentioned in any other trek story?
I think you are confused. Mentioning an element isn't the same as lifting it from previous things. Otherwise the third episode of TOS would've ripped off the second pilot because Spock and Kirk were in it, too.

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I can go on but hopefully you get the point.
No, I don't get the point. None of that qualifies. Here's the original claim:

Kirk the Jerk wrote:
I'm all for going back personally, rather than sitting through another Into Darkness, which basically used the same story and just switched characters when it came to 'Who dies of radiation poisoning' and piled in a load of CGI explosions etc.
This poster said that it used the same story, presumably as Star Trek II. Same story. Not same characters or the SAME UNIVERSE. Of course Section 31 can be there: they're part of the Star Trek universe. DS9 used them more than once, does that mean the second episode in whichi they did was the same story as the first ? That makes no sense.

You guys are going to have to do better than just list individual elements. We are talking about "the same story".
And that's my opinion.
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