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What's with all the votes for Firefly? Captain Reynolds may be a match for Kirk, but his ship certainly isn't.

So far the most powerful ship I've seen in the lists is Andromeda. In fact, I've tried to think of any single ship in all of sci fi that could take on Andromeda and win. Any other opinions?
The TARDIS, natch. I love Rommie, but Sexy's got her number.

And wait, I thought you were asking for favorite ship, not "who could win in a fight." In terms of popularity Serenity is certainly top 10.
Well you don't know what the Poll question is going to be yet. However, I'll give you a hint, you're gonna want the most powerful Sci-Fi ships ever, friendly or unfriendly. Think, fending off a fleet of Planet Killers from Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine, or an all out attack by Species 8472; although I'll allow a single war ship of Species 8472. I still can't think of anything that could take on Andromeda in a one-on-one match and win though.
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