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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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That silly Vegas poll by no means represented the majority of fans. It was a hundred people at the convention attended by thousands. (Just to put things in perspective, there are currently over five hundred fans online at this very board.)

And the "Hardcore Fans" are only a tiny segment of the movie-going audience to begin with . . .
The problem is that they bark louder than the fans here, so Paramount and maybe Abram will hear their voice more than from the invisible fans in here.

To tell the truth, Star Trek's survival as a franchise is in danger nowadays So a failed single Star Trek Movie in the market will cause Paramount to move on and forget it. Yet there are still hardcore fans who want to kill this franchise in the name of "Prime Dimension". But well, maybe they right, Star Trek as a franchise should die, so we all can move on and return to reality again.
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