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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

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Why haven't you had steak since 1995?
That's when I became poor. The biggest food luxury anymore is going to the fried chicken fastfood place (not even KFC), or walking 4 or 5 blocks for a cheap pizza from Little Caesars. The hard part is getting 2 $5 pizzas home when you don't have a car, and walk with a cane. It's hard to get 2 pizza boxes under one arm, and you can't carry them level. If I really want to splurge, I take the train about 12 blocks to McDonalds. But the easiest thing to get is chicken.

If I even wanted to buy a raw steak, I'd have to take the train to a grocery store that has fresh meat, there's none such in my immediate neighborhood anymore. And when at the grocery, I have to be careful about the weight of everything I'm buying, as I have to carry it all home at least 3 blocks with only one hand as the cane's in the other.

Though for a while after moving into this apartment 7 years ago, I would sometimes call a pizza delivery joint or a local (a mile away) sit-down family restaurant that does delivery.
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