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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


"Sometimes that shit comes back around!" by Nicky Nicholls

The room has grown quiet, and the stage is empty except for the simple "life sized" crèche.

Three angels walk on stage and take their place.

Its BLACK CINDY! and her back up singers... Taystee and Poussey. They sing the refrain from the joyful song with dignity and intricacy.

Joy to the World, the world...
the Lord is come! Is come!
Let earth receive her King; Her king... Her king.
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing, nature sing.
And Heaven and nature sing, nature sing.
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

At the end of their verse, on cue, 2 of the three angels took their bow as the crowd clapped their approval... but not the small woman on the end of the row.

We watch her take a deep breath as she looks into her self and prepares to do her fellow sinner, old John Newton proud.

Is she about to sing for the Moms who passed 8 months ago while she was waxing the cafeteria floor, or for the Savior who died for her 2000 years ago?

Poussey: Amazing...

Black Cindy and Taystee are still in the deep part of their bow when they look at each other in confusion.

Poussey: ...grace,

Now they look up at their partner, still confused at this departure from the program,

Poussey: how sweet...

By now the women have straightened up, caught on and are backing up their wretched rebel.

Black Cindy & Taystee: Sweet...

Poussey: ...the sound

Black Cindy & Taystee: Sound...

Poussey is looking out over the audience, smiling, stronger with every note she sings.

Poussey: That saved a wretch like me...

Taystee is looking at Pouseey, while Black Cindy is looking into herself.

Black Cindy & Taystee: Like me.

Poussey: I once was lost

Taystee is smiling.

Taystee: Losstttt.

And now so is Black Cindy... EVEN better... so is POUSSEY as she looks to her 2 friends.

Poussey: ...but now I'm found

Black Cindy & Taystee: Found...

Poussey: Was blind but now

Poussey's joy is pouring out of her, in her words, in her music, in her smile, in her eyes. In her actions she is showing her "fellow" inmates that "this is real"... it does make her feel better, it does help her understand all the random shit that happens in her life.

Poussey: ...I see

And when those last two words are sung, for the first time since Healy left the auditorium the camera focuses on Piper's face.

Poussey,Black Cindy & Taystee: I see.

Piper's dead face, and her dead eyes, and the body that somehow still finds a reason to breathe, even though its heart has been ripped from it.

Oh Piper...
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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