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Re: What if... (poss spoilers)

I still don't get why, if River can "send" Amy the book she wrote, that the Doctor can't go back and visit, and just not take them with him. There would only be a paradox if they stepped into the TARDIS and it took them away and didn't bring them back. Anyway, yeah an Amy and Rory appearance of some description (even if it's a flashback to something we hadn't previously seen) would be nice.

At the very least 11's reward won't be as long as ten's, because he didn't have as many companions... though if you count River, Strax, Jenny and Vastra, and maybe Churchill and Dorian, that adds a few more.

I actually personally hope that the regeneration itself is quite quick this time round, eg "Oh no Clara, I'm shot, stand back!"
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