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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

In response to all of the Star Trek being super violent stuff. I really don't consider Star Trek as violent compared to today's TV shows. There wasn't blood and guts spraying everywhere with viewers looking into the dead person's opened bloody chest. I've never had to close to my eyes and put my fingers in my ears while watching Star Trek because Khan was cracking someone's head like an egg. That sound bothered me so freaking much. Here is something I found that basically describes my exact feelings about Star Trek (with TNG in mind since I grew up with it and new Trek doesn't feel like this):
"In the media, Star Trek has always been portrayed as a sad and confusing show for nerds, but for me, Star Trek has always been about hope. Hope that someday things like racism, sexism, war and poverty will no longer exist. I watch TNG because the world it portrays is infinitely better than the one in which we currently reside."

Now there are many things in Star Trek that I would not like to live with. And now there will be fifty million posts about how racist and sexist Star Trek actually is. So have at it and basically ruin everything Star Trek is with arguing, that pretty much takes all the joy away from it. And that's what Star Trek is to a lot of people. Joy. I turn into a five year old happy child when I watch Star Trek and I don't give a crap about every single minute detail. Moffet didn't write it!
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