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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Certainly lots of people liked those episodes. I just found them irritating.

I like to feel like I'm watching Star Wars when I'm watching Star Wars. The status quo on TCW is lots of clones and lots of Jedi smashing tinnies as the war unfolds throughout the galaxy. When the series deviated away from that I found myself enjoying it less. This Mortis Trilogy I included them in my rewatch of the series this summer and I'll be skipping it the next time... it was actually worse than I'd remembered.

The story was pointless. It felt like someone asked the writers, "Think of the stupidest possible way that we could include a brief image of Darth Vader's face." Never at any time in enjoying the Star Wars universe did I feel the need to have the source o' the force explained to me like some stoned first year philosophy student with bad ideas. Everything about it took me out of the very coherent mise-en-scene of the series and made me feel like it wasn't Star Wars.

But anyway, that's just my opinion, man. [/thedude]
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