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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Rather, when Star Trek Online was created in 2009-10, its creators deliberately chose to contradict the direction the novels had already been going in for years. It borrowed some ideas and characters from the novels, like Titan and President Bacco, but it disregarded most of the DS9 post-finale series, the events of Destiny and the surrounding books, the novels' prior portrayals of races like Species 8472, and so on. STO chose to be a separate continuity from the start, and it and the novels have both been charting their own independent courses.
Fair enough. I wasn't entirely sure where the difference in courses had started. Do kinda note that they do seem to take an inordinate delight in doing everything in the reverse of how you seem to flesh out a lot of "seldom seen" species, ranging from 8472 in Places of Exile, to the difference between the "Elachi" and your portrayal of the aliens in A Choice of Futures. (Plus the crystalline entity and some other things I'm sure I'm forgetting)

While I can see some of it being necessary from the standpoint of making a video game (and I enjoyed it for a long while) it's disappointing because a lot of the Star Trekiness is sacrificed on the altar of combat mechanics. I get the sense they'll be doing something similar with the Voth soon.
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^Yeah, STO has its own rather narrow set of priorities shaping how it develops its ideas. The books are able to be broader and more flexible, and don't have to interpret every race in terms of combat potential or whatever.
Actually I get the feeling Cryptic is going for a more TOS feel in Star Trek Online.

I mean the Federation and the Klingon Empire are back to mortal enemy status, the Romulans are back to being a minor power that can still screw up the Federation's day, the Terran Empire is back, one of the better cruisers in the game is the Soverign which at times came off as a Constitution-class update, one of their in planning STF's is supposed to be against a Khan expy (if it hasn't been scraped), heck originally in the tutorial one of the choices for your first bridge officer was a Vulcan science officer.
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