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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

After reading The Are The Voyages I found myself revisiting sections of another "making of" book regarding Mission: Impossible. There are a lot of parallels between Mission: Impossible and Star Trek.

- Both were considered ambitious and unconventional concepts.
- Both had creator/producers that gave studios and networks headaches.
- Both were produced by a struggling studio (well, the same studio).
- Both got going with Lucille Ball's blessing.
- Both were f/x heavy and could be costly in post production.
- Both often ran behind schedule in production because of challenges for directors to adapt to the shows.
- Both were a challenge for writers to adapt to.
- Both initial pilots really impressed their respective networks (NBC for Star Trek and CBS for Mission: Impossible). One difference, though, is that Star Trek's first pilot sold the idea but not the series yet NBC did give Star Trek another chance for a second pilot. Mission: Impossible's pilot sold right off although like Star Trek there were concerns over whether the quality could be maintained.
- Both laboured under tight budgets and it didn't get any better (it actually got worse) when Gulf & Western bought out Lucille Ball and Desilu was rolled into Paramount. And both Star Trek and Mission: Impossible lost a powerful ally in Herb Sollow when he decided to bail not long after Desilu was sold because he didn't like working under the new arrangements.
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