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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Forgive me, but that's not an impressive list. We know nothing of the species that made the Doomsday Machine or the Whale Probe, and having the Doomsday Machine would not guarantee that the Borg would not assimilate the species.
The Whale Probe and the Doomsday Machine showed power in them that the Borg never displayed.

Moreover, we really don't have a basis for comparing how they would perform in armed combat with the Borg: the Whale Probe was no weapon, and the Doomsday Machine was able to be defeated by 23rd Century Federation technology and strategy.
The Whale Probe's communications system was enough to neutralize any technology it encountered, if mere Comms can do that then it's not much of a stretch to imagine what actual weapons made by its designers can do.

The Doomsday Machine sliced up planets. We've only ever seen the Borg scoop up cities.

V'Ger? Given that it was, in part, constructed by humans, a species assimilated in an alternative timeline, it's ability are difficult to compare.
Whoever augmented V'Ger are certainly way beyond the Borg seeing how V'ger displayed awesome powers we've never seen the Borg equal.

At the end, none of these are the species themselves, just bits of technology. Same thing with the T'Kon: it's not clear how they could defend themselves, and their ability to resist the Borg would be entirely a matter of speculation.
The T'Kon outpost was able to neutralize both a Galaxy Class and a Ferengi Marauder very casually. Even more casually than the Borg Cube in BOBW.

Simply put, they are unlikely to be adversaries to or a threat to the Borg, and the Borg would not try to assimilate them.
Which doesn't stop them from being far superior to the Borg.

The Borg offered no such dialogue, just a commitment to assimilate them. There was no room for negotiation.
Guinan said that one day dialog with the Borg would be possible.

Q and Guinan are "representatives" to the Borg? That's strong language.
They are, they were there to explain the Borg to the Feds because the writers themselves knew that a truly faceless foe just isn't workable without someone there to "speak" for them.

If the Borg were a VOY-exclusive enemy, and BOBW had been a VOY episode, no one would like it. Not a single person. And everyone would think the "Sleep" thing was the dumbest thing ever.

Also, if VOY ever used a Solar Flare to destroy a Borg ship like TNG did, no one would've liked that either and they'd all be whining over how the Borg should be able to survive that.
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