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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

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Yeah, people will always remember the "Soylent green is people!!!!" that's just one of those cultural things that's built into human DNA now.

I doubt, "No... we are NOT an effective team!" will quite have the same cultural impact.

Again, good well-made movie but I highly doubt it'll ever be regarded as a classic. This week it's on the new-releases shelf a year from now it's in the bargain bin for $3.00 and people going, "Huh... I heard good things about that."

It'll never be the classic that so many other movies are.

All those movies are in the bargain bin, Hell, even Titanic and Lawrence of Arabia are, that's the nature of the industry. People will be saying nice things about Oblivion 20 years from now, I guarantee it.

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