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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

Well, it's come to an end... again. "Meanwhile" was pretty nice -- not as poignant as, well, all the other poignant ones up to and including "Game of Tones," but still rather sweet and effective. It did both of the things that tend to make for better Futurama episodes: telling a character-driven story that lets the characters have genuine emotion and growth rather than just being caricatures or the butt of jokes, and employing a science-fiction premise that actually drives the story and shapes events rather than just being a background trapping. In fact, it was a pretty good use of time manipulation as a symbol or parallel for Fry's feelings and wishes, the SF and the character story meshing smoothly and propelling each other. And seeing Fry and Leela's life together was rather touching.

The main thing that brought it down for me was the quite literal reset button at the end. I think they've gotten a bit too used to expecting to get uncancelled. I'm glad the Professor survived, but I regret seeing all of Fry and Leela's life together erased and forgotten. It makes it feel a bit too much like just another episode.

Then again, I suppose the parts they won't remember will have started after Fry's proposal, so if the show does come back, there should still be a change in the status quo -- I hope. Maybe someday we'll find out.
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