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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Just a few points/asides before we start this next scene.

According to wiki... John Newton was born in 1725. His mother died in 1731 of TB. His father was a sailor and so was frequently away from home. For a time he was placed in a boarding school where he was "abused". Eventually he had a stepmother who was described as "emotionally distant". At the age of 11, he went to sea as an apprentice, with his father. When he was older, he was "pressed" into the service of the Royal Navy and eventually deserted. He ultimately joined a slave ship where he was known for his profane ways/rhymes and his fights. As punishment he was nearly starved to death (Shades of Red Reznikov) imprisoned/chained at sea and sold off to work a plantation in Sierra Leone.

His father intervened at Newton's request, and he was released from the plantation. He joined another slaving ship and again was known for his "linguistic skills". In fact his Captain... "admonished (Newton) several times for not only using the worst words the captain had ever heard, but creating new ones to exceed the limits of verbal debauchery..." Reportedly over his lifetime"... he had not only neglected his faith but directly opposed it, mocking others who showed theirs, deriding and denouncing God as a myth."

Sounds like he'd fit in the Ladies from Litchfield, don't you think?

Just as he was about to finally Captain his own "non-slaving" ship, he was forced due to illness to give up the sea completely.

Now... if, like me, you didn't know this guy's name... I'm sure you are wondering why I am bringing him up.

Simply put... because Poussey, accent a droit! likes his music.

And on a completely DIFFERENT note...

I LOVE the fact that in the Christmas Pageant, the baby Jesus was represented by a yellow Teddy Bear.
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